Robert Stroud, The Turf Doctor, Owner

     Robert began treating lawns for Walter Glenn, owner of  Perf-a-Lawn in 1984. Robert obtained a bachelors degree  in Agronomy from  Mississippi State University, majoring in Turfgrass Management.  Robert has worked at several golf courses in Memphis, New York, and at Belle Meade Country Club in Nashville, TN. Lawn Care is Robert's passion, so he began The Turf Doctor part time in 1995, and full time in 1998. Robert has dedicated his time to quality control and customer service. 

The Turf Doctor strives to provide premium quality residential lawns in the greater Nashville area.
The Turf Doctor has been a licensed Turf Pest Control Company, Since 1998.

Meet Our Team:

Holly Yarborough - Office Manager
Holly is in charge of customer relations and accounts recievable.

Dylan Singleton- Lawn Technician/Shop Manager
Dylan is our lawn technician for all properties in Nashville/Brentwood and surrounding areas.

Alex Paul - Lawn Technician/Sales Represetative
Alex is our lawn technician for all properties in Franklin/Brentwood and surrounding areas. 

AJ Binkley - Lawn Technician/Sales Representative
AJ is our lawn technician for all properties in Nashville/Brentwood and surrounding areas.
CJ Crawford - Lawn Technician/Sales Representative
CJ is our lawn technician for properties in Brentwood/Franklin and surrounding areas.